About the author


My name is Marina Joe and I am really glad that you have decided to take a look at my website.

I am the creator of teddy bears – I create Teddy bears and their friends as an author’s work.

Creation has long had a place in my life, but I did not get to teddies right away. Before them, I was engaged in design, scrapbooking, decoupage, and felting. By reaching the creation of Teddy bears, I dove headfirst into the activity and participated in my first exhibition “World of Puppets in Tallinn”.

All my teddies have their own unique character.

Each of them has their own story in their eyes. They choose their home. I love my teddies very much. I sew both the teddies and their clothes by hand. I am convinced that only hand-sewn toys have a soul – you want to hold and love them. In return, you feel the warmth they beam towards you.

The flow of my ideas is infinite, but as a mother of three lovely daughters, then only thanks to the support from my loving husabnd and relatives I have had the opportunity to carry out my ideas.

Most often, I am trying to create Teddy bears in vintage style by using vintage plush or viscose, but I also sew fantasy animals made of mohair.
I hope that by visiting my web site everybody can find their favorite!